Delivering Complex Digital Change?

Delivering Complex Digital Change?Let's sort it

20 years of Software leadership and development to global brands like Jaguar, Land Rover, Lloyd's of London and Arrow Electronics. The foundations for delivering amazing experiences to your clients start within the team and within the technology.

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Digital Experience CompositionConsultancy

We have been working with Uniform for a number of years. In that time, we have gained a wealth of experience architecting composable systems on the Uniform DXC Platform.

Leverage the power ofJamstack

Delivering websites using the Jamstack architecture will have some real advantages to your business. Speed, Security, Reduced costs, Developer experience

Care for the environment throughSustainable Infrastructure

The tech industry uses more energy than aviation but we have an opportunity to remain sustainable. Not all cloud services provide sustainable infrastructure. Your choices can make a real impact

Global scale to Zero withServerless

Offload your server maintenance to the cloud. Gain global scaling-up during peak traffic and scaling-down to zero cost when not used

Our Services

Our Services

Here are the services Pogo Kid offers

Software EngineeringContract

Software ConsultancyDigital Experience Composition

Software ConsultancyTechnical Research

Recent Articles

Recent Articles

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It takes time to fully understand the function software will need to perform

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Exploring an Open Spec for JSON Document to Document Transforms

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